Double Magic

Double Magic

The knitters were reaching that point when they could wake up in the middle of the night, and complete a triangular shawl with their eyes shut tight.  Knitting the same things again and again and again–best way to make knitting adventures fade into sepia shades.And then, that quest for perfection..Every bit of knitting (sample knitting, new knits, anything) has to be perfect before it can be shared and savoured.

With long winter evenings around the corner and expert knitters all around me, launching a new range seemed the right thing to do.

Chutney…spicy green and earthy brown

Presenting Double Magic, a triangular shawl knitted with two complementing or contrasting colours. With names gleaned from everyday objects around us, we had lots of fun times in the process of putting this range together. It was the first time that the women were involved in the process of giving names. Mystified expressions, lots of blank minutes and then, the flood of names :-)!

The shawl is more about colour than technique, but its important to get the central spine neat and correct, and the knitters have cracked the code! Can you feel the sense of pride underlying my words?  Yes, with every passing day, I marvel at the long road travelled together and the way we all think and work with the same spirit of wanting perfection..

Different colours bring a diverse range of emotions to the fore, but yes, there are some which cut across the entire group..that feeling of having given up the fun and madness, after matrimony…of watching the bright red of henna designs become the green forest of daily chores…of the recent questioning of old traditions and standing up for themselves.

And then, I wonder about the women who will buy these shawls and drape them on chilly shoulders….I hope they will enjoy the colours and the soft warmth of hand knitted wraps.

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