Plotting prototypes

Plotting prototypes

Its the first grey day of this winter. For the last two days,  clouds scudding across the sky have been shot down by sunlight but its overcast and still now. The clouds stop the temperatures from falling, and the rain will stop the dry dust from making us cough and wheeze.

Its not a day for long walks, but it sure is a day for doing some knitting and thinking and planning. The knitters have been knitting the same patterns and colours for a couple of years, and they must be quite tired of the same shades in the mufflers, the same patterns on the cowls… the monotony is getting to me too!

Just the right time to think of new colour combinations for our popular woven texture scarves and cowls. Till date, they have been knitted in a riot of shades, to portray different seasons and times. Now, I am playing around with greys and primary colours, to knit up some monochromatic elegance! Red, bright blue, yellow…these pigments really jump out of a grey background, and you can see what is on my mind, in this blurred picture..

Cold winter days and cables are made for each other. Add to that, the acquisition of this amazing atlas of cables. I just have to start something with cables, which will make the knitters learn the technique of reading and knitting cable patterns, as well as spark an interest in something different. I am thinking of hats, sweaters and my all time favourite–throws!

The knitters will gather tomorrow, and its going to be excitement mixed with trepidation and anxiety. We all love living in our comfort zone, but then, we need to move on and grow too! If plotting new items is hard, then making the knitters get the ideas into their minds is even harder. Makes me wonder how famous designers get their creative juices flowing regularly, and then, give shape to those creative ideas through knitters and craft persons..

As for me, there is always the option of snuggling up with the two canine cuties, start a podcast or switch on the TV, cover myself with a blanket, and knit the socks on my needles.

Its winter here, folks!



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