Something strange has happened in this apartment full of sunshine, warmth and good intentions.

Every activity, every floor tile, every shoe…everything has been affected, and I am yet to get my brains and intellect around it since they have been affected too. Completely. Let me take you through a day . Nothing can be termed “typical “anymore, so lets just go with a day)

Long winter nights are all about cuddling into electric-blanket-warmed-beds, reading a book and knitting, and then drifting off into warm dreams. These days, the electric blanket is just too warm, the book or the knitting walks off to the living room when I turn my head, and warm dreams are interrupted by urgent growls, just because someone on the top floor has got out off bed to drink water, or a distant dog howls about the freezing moonlight. Two warm dogs heat up the quilt and bed totally, so the heaters sit around and glower.

I walk in a zig-zag lurching screeching routine, till the golf course. On one hand is Mili, attacking every passing two-wheeler in the most ferocious, blood-curdling way possible. On the other hand is a black whirring machine, Gypsy, who wants to chase every monkey, sniff every  bit of suspicious brown stuff, and run circles around me.

We return through the forest, with Mili at my heels and devouring my jeans and Gypsy doing this vanishing-appearing-vanishing-appearing act while she runs down and up the forest slopes. Birds, monkeys, bushes, plants–they all try to move out of the way of this black bazooka, but that is not easy.

My home slippers are taken away by a quiet black shadow, as is my knitting project, pens and pencils, fly swatters and any other item which I need.

These two fascinating books are waiting for some focussed reading and swatching, but the pens and knitting needles keep vanishing. The books become head rests for this black and white pair, or better still, its time for some cuddling and petting when I reach for the books. Minutes become hours when the pair cuddles up to me and makes all the right faces and sounds which keep me engrossed in them.

Meet the hijackers of my time, action plans, knitting, socialising and everything else in between. Nothing and no one has been spared.

Hema shares her time, love and tea with these two. The staff have got accustomed to finding two balls of fur entwined between their legs while they water plants, sweep the stairs, or gossip in the sunlight. The knitters keep a sharp watch on their knitting needles and yarn while the pair check out each woman, each hair-do, each bag and each lap before curling up beside their favourite lady…

Mili and Gypsy have hijacked my life, and I couldn’t be happier.

I feel fulfilled and complete after a day of cuddling, petting and running around these two, snatching a couple of meals somewhere in between all this, and doing nothing which can be termed “productive” by the world! 🙂




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