Random Thursday

Random Thursday

Winter still reigns supreme here. Holi has been celebrated, but the trees remain stark and bare, sleeping dogs curl up into tight jalebis, heaters and electric blankets continue to be used and blessed, and knitting happens aplenty.

The knitters got their first experience of “steeking” this Wednesday.

Cutting a Steek

This a process by which one cuts up the knitted fabric to make the neck and armholes emerge from a tube of fair-isle knitting. Usually done with pure wool, which has the ability to felt and hence keep the cut edges from opening up or fraying, I am experimenting with acrylic yarn and the results are amazing. After crocheting the edges and preparing for the cutting, we had our share of thrills and shivers as small scissors cut the fabric and there was vest in our hands. The knitters have done an amazing job of picking up the stitches and sewing in the ends.


Besides knitting, dogs continue to be a vital aspect of life. With Choti being taken away by the big cat, Bruni and Hansmukh are the duo who give Mili a good time, bark their heads off at wild rabbits grazing in the moonlight, forage in the nearby Army mess and trot home with an entire chicken trophy, and basically be happy dogs. My life is regulated by their time-table. Wake up to feed them, go for a long morning walk with them, play in the sunshine, and finally watch the sunset with them from a hill-top.

Pepper has her private little spring, from which she laps up gushing water and feels ready to chase some more stones. Its actually a cracked water pipe which gives her a good time, and its only a matter of time when the Jal Nigam steps in with repairs and stops her little bit of fun.

And then, little Babita was born the year I had bought this apartment. I recall watching her mother trying to pacify this loud baby with pink cheeks and a huge temper, when I came to register the flat. Seven years have passed, and little Babita has grown into a smart gal who likes green clothes, birthday parties and dogs.

And that, my dear friends, is what this Thursday is all about… a simple day with simple pleasures.

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