Getting the act together

Getting the act together

While the summer months tried to incinerate us, while the monsoons tried to dissolve all good intentions, while this year zoomed past in a series of trips and tours, the knitters wrapped their brains around a new method of textural knitting.
Sequential Knitting (a marvellous mix of maths and magical beauty), was reviewed by a knitting guru and I just had to get my hands on the book. A decision I have not regretted, especially when the knitters figured out the logic of this method. Simply put, its about knitting a sequence of stitches again and again, without heeding the ending or beginning of the row, without checking the lower rows for continuity…and watching an exquisite texture emerge. Adding contrasting colours just spices things up!

We knitted combinations, panels, textures and colours into scarves and cowls. Variegated yarns, soft shades and pure hues, contrasts and coordinated colours…they threw up an exciting range of cowls and mufflers..reversible, sensuous and smart.

We are ready to share this new range of neck-warmers with the world….We really want to…

There’s a hitch though…its about trying to take good pictures while keeping the dogs out of the picture. They pop up in every frame I can conceive. Pile up the scarves, and one doleful tail juts in. Get a smart and happy model, and they have to tumble into a doggy heap at her feet. Get a photographer, and Cheetah has to jump up and tear the camera strap.

Its a challenge to this knitter, trying hard to get the range together__keep the dogs in good spirits__ get some interesting pictures__ and reassuring myself that “This Too Shall Pass”!

One day, I will get a photo-shoot session done of all the knitwear.. all the socks and caps and cowls and mufflers and shawls and bedcovers..all modelled by the best team available…the canine cuties team of Ranikhet!






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