A blessed affliction. a welcome ailment..a week long virus which kept me up and about!


With blushing dawns peeping through the window, and  the glorious winter sun streaming into my room, the desire to sit and soak the sunlight, drink mugs of ginger tea and to squint at the blue sky has taken over my life…  Whatever can be done in the sun, I am game for it! knitting, luckily, has been designed for sunny winter days.

Let me list all the victims of this recent bout of finishitupitis..

Two warm hats gobbled up a little  slice of the leftover stack in the cupboard.


I am in love with this simple, cosy hat and the color matches my staple winter jacket. this one is going to sit on my head all winter.


This one, the second product of this pattern, was grabbed by my young and tall visitor as soon as the last stitch was closed. Its going to Bangalore to have a good look at the roads and the gardens and the traffic, while perched atop the head of a fanatic cyclist.

Three baby blankets needed a neat finishing touch.


The knitters make excellent knitted fabric, but getting a good I-cord edging makes them edgy and nervous.



This lovely white edging, termed fagotting in knitting books, had to be done by my fingers over three sunny days.  I like the final effect very much, and I have a feeling that the new mother will like it too ( breaking news–the new mother LOVED it!)

And finally, the finishing touches to this bedcover!


We are in the process of completing the other part for this “His and Her” order. There is this petite, charming woman with an adorable giant of a husband. Anniversary order from the man for his lovely wife! watch this space for the other bedcover to appear.



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