Its raining—cats, dogs and color…

Its raining—cats, dogs and color…

Three days of ceaseless rain.  Ceaseless rain of varied tempo and timbre has kept us on our toes. The angry downpour, the steady shower, the soft drizzle and the iffy moments in between—how do the doggies take their walk? How do clothes dry? How do I save my limbs and ankles on slippery stairs and slopes?!

rainingdogs2 monsoon7

It’s the week of dire forecasts and strict indoor activities. It’s the week for marathon knitting, marathon TV serials + movie viewing and marathon snoozing sessions by the dogs. Its also been a couple of days of great family times, but that is another story altogether.


Today, I share the results of some color mixing, a few marathon knitting sessions and a good student. Neeru has knitted this entire bedspread over the past few rainy weeks. I have plotted and planned with graph paper, color pencils, hanks of yarn, half-done patches and a measuring tape. Finally, with a little help from Pepper, this bedspread is ready.


Specifications?! 1.530 kgs of wool have been fashioned into a 48 inch by 60 inch masterpiece. This log-cabin pattern is a traditional template for quilting cotton bedspreads and quilts. Knitters have adapted this template, used left-over yarns in unusual color combinations and produced their unique items.

I have been intrigued by this pattern for years. The unique square forming habit of garter stitch (knitting x stitches for 2x rows makes a perfect square) and the addictive system of knitting panels merge into a satisfying project. The color combinations spread to infinity and beyond


Black and color–my first attempt with actual leftover scraps of wool.


Denim, sand and red


Grass and flowers

This is the third log-cabin throw which has emerged from our knitting needles, and a few hundred combinations are still jostling for space and priority in my mind! Now that Neeru has mastered the knack of knitting perfect squares and joining them neatly, I just have to plunge into the yarn stocks, say a little prayer and emerge with a winning combination…want one?!

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