A vacation in my own town

A vacation in my own town

This is a week of new experiences. Today is the third day, and I am rather delighted with having  chosen to try out something different.

I am living in a cosy, warm cottage set amidst towering juniper trees and brooding oak trees. In the background, some thick and shaggy-with-peeling-bark, ancient eucalyptus trees soar to the blue sky leaving their scent to roll on the forest floor. Purple dahlia trees, orange nasturtiums, yellow chrysanthemums and dwarf lemon trees ( bent double with ripening fruit) surround me while I sit out in the morning sunshine. Hot fragrant tea by my side, meals appearing magically when hunger calls out, home and hearth swept and dusted while I write this post….there is a dream-like, unreal feeling around me.

I am on a vacation in my own town. Just moved to the other side of Ranikhet, without my camera! no pictures, dear readers, but that doesn’t dilute this experience in any way. Besides, this cottage is not a holiday destination. It is a perk of baby-sitting a little doggy, who needed company while her “parents” had an urgent mission in the plains. I needed a quiet place to sit and work, to sit and stare and ruminate and not think of what needs to be cooked for the next meal.

While my ever-supportive daughter handles the daily routine of our sunny home, dogs and leopard sightings included, I have moved into this delightful patch of quiet forest with my laptop, a bag of woollens ( its much colder than our side of town) and a set of unfinished knitting projects. I am planning to complete one FO every day, post items on the shop, sleep soundly and take long walks, with or without my cute canine companion! There is a canine coterie surrounding me–Piku, Barauni, Soda, Chooha, Kitty, Noorie and Kalu, to name the smart ones. I walk with biscuits and rusks in my pocket and crunch my way through the forest floor to sunlit pine slopes. While the dogs romp and play, I stand and stare at the stark, snow-clad mountains surrounding our little town, and feel the chaos and madness of modern living fade away.

Here, National and International news/chaos keep their distance. Here, when wild fowl scurry into the bushes and large langurs stare sardonically down at you, its time to take deep breaths and savour one’s blessings….

  • Friends who care and walk the extra step to understand and encourage me.
  • Daughters who continue to support my ideas ( however mad they may be),
  • Knitting projects who give me a feeling of satisfaction on a daily basis, especially when I complete them. One fair-isle Hat completed and worn–One sweater seamed and to be worn–First toe-up sock to be started today–One baby cap to be knitted before I return home.
  • Cosy homes to call my own ( when I live in them), good food to devour and fresh air to drink.
  • Finally, a week of not handling domestic duties, however pleasant they may be.

Its time to soak in some sunshine, smell the flowers, see the birds and cows. Its time to close the machine and just Be. Its time to wish you a good weekend and to gently suggest this delightful way of vacationing in your own town…all you need is a good friend with an urgent errand and a sweet dog, and ( top requirement) a sporting family member who pushes you out cheerfully!

  1. Lovely post! So wonderful to see a familiar place through new eyes. Thank you 🙂

    1. thank you…it would not have been possible without you!

  2. Thank u for the response from ur blog.so happy to find out that u posted a post..hehe…today.
    Love the clean air to breathe when u r in small hilly towns.

    1. there is so much to love in small hilly towns..crisp air, empty winding roads, wild flowers, snow peaks, songs drifting across the valley! I can go on and on!

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