while the sun shines...

while the sun shines...

Weeks of pure sunshine filled days make me go weak in the knees with gratitude, spend long hours with the dogs, my thoughts and the knitting progresses just fine. My knitting is like a growing deciduous tree—there is some progress, then there is some ripping out ( like leaves falling in autumn), some starkly sad days and then, there is some more progress.


I am glad the knitters have not adopted this aspect of my knitting skills! They continue to fill up home with their laughter and energy every Wednesday…they continue to knit beautifully, and they continue to encourage me while I try to get the business aspect of life functional. I look at their shining faces and their keen focus on their project, I listen to the rise and fall of their voices discussing children, age-old traditions for festivals and their fears and future plans. They bring vibrancy and energy into my life, much like the winter sunshine brings in warmth and light into the house.

This month, little knitting projects have been emerging from my knitting needles. Whenever its time to plan a project, the desire to use up my stash keeps me going forward.


From the sock yarn stash,  these socks were completed and sent to my daughter in the hot plains. She hates wearing socks, but since there is an expedition to the mountains on her time-table, it was a great opportunity to send her a hand-made pair.

The yarn was presented by a dear young friend, who had splurged her savings on gorgeous sock yarn on a visit abroad, returned and adopted three little kittens into her life and therefore, had to firmly shut the stash drawer for ever! She came over to Ranikhet, without her kittens but with her unfinished sock project, and we spent long chatty evenings with our sock projects and some delicious snacks. The same yarn, the same colours, but she made a simple rib and I went wild with a twisting, meandering one! Final comment–you can do what you like with self-striping sock yarn, but you cannot destroy the beauty which the changing colours bring to life.


And here is the other pair..yarn gifted by a friend visiting Germany, and finding a yarn shop just below their apartment! I tried knitting an “afterthought heel” this time. Its all about knitting a tube, knitting the toe end of the sock, trying it out and snipping one stitch at the heel point, unravelling half the stitches and knitting a toe right there. I have left the second sock unfinished, waiting for a good day to bring closure and completion here. Maybe, today is the day?


Another almost complete project from sock yarn. Another lovely gift of Madeline Tosh hand painted sock yarn. Too beautiful to wear on my feet, this one is being made into a cowl.


Pattern from the new addition to my knitting book shelf…Drop Dead Easy Knits. I can vouch for the title…watched the latest Star Wars movie without moving my eyes from the screen, and there was no goof-up on my knitting needles. Something about taking on small projects, completing them and feeling good about it!

Today, I plan to cast on and knit this!

Simple House Slippers

I need a pair for the house, urgently…so here I start!

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