Here Are The Cushion Covers!

Here Are The Cushion Covers!

The last week has been about ( what else?) procrastination, popping off to the market, pampering the daughter ( Mala style…steam inhalations, ghastly herbal tea, tablets and pep-talks for a cough) and, when all methods of spending time have been tried, peeping at the ocean of work which the online store requires. As always, my delightful, dear friend and website designer of Da Miracle, has been the epitome of patience and tact. The point is, that this concerns our knitting project and the sales will make a difference to the knitters and me, not my dear friend!

While the online store progresses in fits and spurts, and while Diwali looms large on the horizon, our cushion covers are getting their moment of glory right now, today, in this blog. If you wish to procure/purchase/gift these covers to yourself and your loved ones, read on…

Knitted cushion covers intruded into our collective creative mind while the knitters tried to master slip stitch patterns. As our swatches grew into big, bright and beautiful squares of unusual knitting, a plain square was added to make a cushion cover.  A friend dropped in for lunch, picked up that one cushion and remarked that the plain patch at the back looked uncouth and casual. We immediately knit up a cover with the pattern extending through out the cover, added three buttons, stitched our label…and viola! a lovely cushion cover happened!!



It took a few more attempts to get the perfect sizing and patterns, given that knitting expands and cushions do not, but we have got our range together.

Made to fit standard 15″ square cushions, orders for special/unusual sizes are being undertaken too. Knitted with high quality acrylic blended yarn, which is easy to maintain ( hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle…wool detergent or shampoo….dry in the shade), the covers have smart buttons and our label stitched at the back.


There are 6 different patterns, and a much wider variety of colours to mix and match for your unique set of cushions…

TOP ROW…. screen left to right…RANGOLI…WINDOWS..FRUIT

BOTTOM ROW….screen left to right….KEYS…ZIGZAGS….TILES


Monochromatic sets, for rooms  with specific colour themes, are currently available in  these combinations pictured below.

Indigo and off white….as seen in this untouched photograph with the first prototype of this series.



Maroon and cream..with Rangoli, Fruit and ZigZag on the rocking chair!




Orange with grey.. cushion07


Multicoloured, vibrant sets have been assembled too, but your specific ideas for a collection would be welcomed and made by our knitters.

Pink, Red and Orange with Grey work…seen here in patterns Keys ( pink), Rangoli ( red) and Windows ( orange).









Blue, Green and Red vibrants with Cream work…seen here in patterns Fruit ( blue), Tiles (Green) and Rangoli ( red).


The favourite pattern, as elected by the knitters, and displayed in various combinations…I give you “Fruit” in all its glory!!


I can post another score and more of these delectable covers, but practical information is waiting to be entered.

The cost…A single cushion cover can be yours for Rs 1200/- ( twelve hundred rupees). A set of 6 cushion covers can be procured for Rs 6000/- . Producing a set of cushions makes perfect sense to us knitters. Since every knitter has a unique tension while knitting, its easier to achieve perfection for every set which is ordered.One woman can be given the order, and she will go home with the yarn and the patterns, and return after a week with 6 cushions which feel and measure the same.

The time issue…Currently, we have some stocks, so I hope to be able to send the first 5 sets immediately. It could then take a fortnight to process and complete an order. Compromising on the quality, to just increase the quantity ( and the earnings for the women), will never be the  motto at, so please be patient.

Payment…our online store and payment portal is still in the process of being activated. You can send me a message at our Facebook inbox , or contact me on this site, and an online transfer /cheque/cash deposit can be arranged.


I leave you today with a picture taken over my shoulder. The late morning winter sun enters our cosy living room, Pepper watches kitchen activity ( her food is being prepared) from her throne of orange cushions, and the cushions wait patiently for someone to lean on them…This someone will now curl up on that inviting settee and knit through an hour or two!



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