Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Has anyone visited this page?
Has anyone wondered about my silence, or has the world just continued on its way?

My pragmatic, practical self settles for the latter option and that is the way it is. Everyone is busy muddling/meddling/meditating/moving/making ends meet. I have been doing all that, and a little bit more, for the past twenty odd days too. Lets look back and see where the days went, including my three non-mobile/Net days.

The Friday experiment is trotting along very well, thank you!! there have been a few hiccups, though. One Friday crept in stealthily, and it was 9 am (two phone calls, four Whatsapp chats) before realisation dawned. It would have been easy to continue with the day, since I had already done the un-doable, but I decided that a mistake doesn’t have to be accepted at the first shot….the switch off happened. The next chaotic incident was a consequence of not informing my Dad about this weekly shut-down. 88 year old Baba panicked, called up the only other Ranikhet number he had, my driver and angel-in-poor-disguise, Raju. When I came back to the world, I got some tough lectures from Baba, the girls, Raju and every one who knows Raju ( that means the entire town). I have been explaining this decision to the town, and its amazing how many people want to do the same thing, once they figure out that there are actually no tremendous emergencies waiting to happen on that single non-net day! I have also used this decision to procrastinate about blogging,and working on the online store…more on that on a later date!

There have been some heartwarming instances of finished knitting projects. I walk tall and proud after peeping into my personal stash and seeing a definite reduction. Still not buying any new wool, still trying to clear up the pile of bags with half done projects.
The Icelandic sweater gave me some lessons in life and knitting.

I learnt to steak with a strong, unwavering heart and hand. Steaking is all about re-inforcing two lines of stitches ( I used crochet, but machine-stitching is a great alternative too), taking a sharp scissor and cutting the sweater vertically. A sweater becomes a cardigan after the cut edges are neatly stitched under a ribbon and the entire garment given a good shampoo, conditioning and blocking.


Another sweater has been designed and completed and sent to my friend in Pune. I forgot to take pictures, so will have to wait for her to model the cardigan and send me some pictures.

The knitters have finally perfected the knitted cushion covers. Here are a few shots for a sneak preview..better ones will come up on the online store soon.

where03 where04

yes, the online store is soon going to be a reality. I have been given detailed instructions on how to load pictures, descriptions, payment getaway etc.
I just wish she had given me detailed instructions on how to prevent my straying into the time-draining lands of spider solitaire, whatsapp and the stuff which fits into “Internet surfing”!!

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