To be ( get) or not to be ( get)

To be ( get) or not to be ( get)

It will soon be 8 weeks of Biskit leaving us for the Rainbow Bridge. I look down at her grave, with its little sapling of scented geranium, count the number of sprouting leaves on her memorial shrub, think of her presence around me, and sip my morning cup of tea.

At my feet, sits that greying ball of black fur and bright eyes. Pepper trots behind me, dutifully, from one room to the other and tries to push me towards a water source ( so that a little water game can be indulged in), sighs loudly near her biscuit tin ( so that a little snack can be indulged in), and then pleads to go out ( so that a willing victim can be found near the water tap for some more water games). When the mood gets her, she fishes out an old toy from her tiny collection of squeaky monsters, and brings it over for a little catch and hide game.



She snores deeply through the night, hates going for her morning walk but adores her evening romp to “the burst pipe junction”, visits friends and neighbours, watches TV at my feet and gets cuddled and petted to her heart’s content. It seems to be a good life.

Yet, when others find me without the doggy pair of yesterday, the first question is always about when am I getting a replacement for Biskit. I do not look complete with just one black dog ( no one notices the fabulous fringe of Bruni, Choti and Mystery), and Pepper would be missing a companion.

That brings me to the question, ” To bring/get/adopt a new member  or not to bring/get/adopt a new doggy”. This question has been popping up on the screen of my mind when I least expect it.

  • To inane questioners, who are just being “helpful”, my curt reply is always the same..”If someone looses a child, do you tell them to produce or adopt another one?”.
  • Caring friends, who have lost a dear dog or two, share their experience about deeply missing their canine cutie, but not missing that feeling of being tied down to the hearth, and putting the welfare of the dog first, whenever a trip or holiday is planned. I know that feeling…though Hema takes very good care of the dogs when I go out of Ranikhet, I cannot plan a long sojourn out of the country, or a wandering session in the mountains.
  • Other dog lovers talk about deciding not to keep any more pets and then just getting bowled over by a puppy who walks in and takes over their life, once again! I have a feeling that a puppy somewhere is planning to walk into my life but when?!
  • My daughters  point out the fact that the routine of my life is based on the routine of the dogs. Thanks to them, I go out for long walks, have a set routine for waking up, meals and sleep. Without dogs, I would be capable of descending into a hermit-like state, full of inertia and ineptitude, with no routine and no exercise. I have realised that the girls have inherited my love for dramatic scenarios.

Right now, Pepper seems to be content with her single status, and I am happy to have a single, content canine. Let her enjoy the attention and the affection. Let her dictate the rhythm of the day.

I will let that question remain…and then, the other question begins to pop up…Do I bring an adorable mountain dog of local pedigree, or do I bring another adorable cocker spaniel pup?!


These questions, these delightful dilemmas… do we ever leave the crossroads of life and living and loving?!


    1. they are so, so cute!! I am just trying to take some time before the inevitable happens again!!

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