The last hour of the evening

The last hour of the evening

Last evening was a clear-blue sky, crisp winter breeze, golden sunshine sort of evening. Everyone was determined to take full advantage of those warm, golden hours.

The army band decided to practise their new songs…the ones which have a little bit of lift and lilt, like this bit of amazing sound by the Indian Navy. I watched the band sway and swerve and march and melt into formations, playing a perfect tune all the while.


The marathon runners had done their quota of chugging along the sunshine dappled roads of our town. They were treating themselves to a rowdy game of handball. Running long distances is one art, diving and returning shots is another matter altogether.

Our doggy gang of Choti, Meow-Meow, Mystery, Bruni and Kajal joined the three of us in the forest. We had sniffing contests and stone catching races, water-guzzling and Mommy-scratching episodes.

And then, the dogs and me settled down on our grassy embankment, overlooking the field and the practising army band, the cheering champs of hand-ball and the warm sun slid slowly down from the sky.


Before the last bit of sunshine bid adieu,  before the cold evening wind started its rounds, before the field became a quiet piece of wilderness, I cast off the last stitch of this cap.


My version of this excellent pattern, done with two strands of pure wool yarn, on 4.5 mm circular needles, is ready to be worn!

  1. Yippee- Aahnu’s surprise awaits her when she returns! What fun! It’s so beautiful and cosy. And love the colour too:)

    1. yes!!! there is another one which has come off the needles last evening…a fun chunky yarn knit…shall share that tomorrow 🙂

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