The last button, the first sneeze

The last button, the first sneeze

Gigantic, loud, window-pane rattling sneezing is a paternal gene component of me. When Baba sneezed, we ran for cover–when I sneeze, the dogs jolt up from deep slumber, the walls shake and shiver, and hot ginger tea comes up from the flat on the lower floor.

Before I dissolve into a puddle of sneezy material, I have to share a knitting success with you all. FINALLY, after repeated stories of sweaters which became too large ( usual issue), too boring, too dull, too whatever, I have finally completed this cardigan, woven in ends, sewn buttons and it fits my daughter perfectly!


I had planned to block and finish the project first, but the sneezes tell me that its going to be a delayed venture. Grey skies, cloudy mists and constant drizzle just add their bit to discouraging all procedures related to cold water and dipping hands into soap.

I had started swatching and knitting 4 months ago, when summer made it hard to handle wool.

The pattern,Flippant Cardigan, from, was an excellent set of instructions. I just had to keep track of the decreases while knitting the sleeves, and this tip saved me every time.

Hot Tip: Show your work

The yarn, a lace-weight acrylic yarn ordered years ago from, and not in stock anymore, had been sitting in my stash for many years. I held two strands together for knitting this cardigan, and had to watch my knitting closely, to avoid dropping a strand of yarn.It was not comfort knitting, but it sure was gratifying knitting!


I was looking forward to clearing this yarn completely from my stash, but hey, look at the remnants…2 large yarn cakes and some more…enough for a triangular shawl or cowl, maybe? It will have to wait for a year or two. I am  not knitting that thin yarn for some time.


I am, however, working on saving knitting and crochet projects, yarn balls, fly swatters, blankets, shoes and everything else in-between, from Luchi, our personal hell-hound. Watch her in action….



And while she takes the house apart, I shall drink the ginger tea which has arrived from my concerned neighbour. She will drop in later to check if I need some Vicks rubbing ( the de-facto method of handling colds in the hills), or some dinner, or anything else.

I live alone, with the two dogs, but I am surrounded by concern and care. Atishooo!


  1. I’ll take that triangular shawl or cowl! What a lovely color!

    By the way, the triangular shawl I have from you is keeping me warm and cosy these rainy days in Bangalore.

  2. Rose, wonderful to hear from you…and now, I might just make that remaining yarn into a cowl for you! good idea, after hearing from good friend!!

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