A sweater for autumn

A sweater for autumn

It is a quiet and grey morning today. The thick fog refuses to disperse, even though the howling North Wind keeps rustling through the pine forest. The dogs stay curled up on the bed, and I am donning actual winter wear for the walk. Our guard, a gnarled old villager, mutters away “this year, Diwali is early, but winter seems to be earlier than Diwali too! The world is changing” and I add “hmmm…another incident of global weirding weather?!!)

To bring cheer and color and crassness into the day, I present the sweater made for a chameleon who would like to live in a pile of autumn leaves.

sweater 007

Every shade of autumn has been added to this garment, just what I need for grey cold days. Am thrilled to bits because

  • A completed sweater joins the wardrobe. All loose ends tied, all buttons ( hand-painted, ahem, by this author!) stitched, pockets inserted and entire thing blocked.
  • It’s a good change from the usual blues, browns and earthy reds which hang on my shoulders.
  • Its roomy enough to accommodate a few layers below it…more like a coat actually.
  • I can sit on a pile of dry chestnut leaves and no one will notice.
  • My stash has reduced a tiny, wee bit!

sweater 002

The details of this creation..

The yarn…Ganga Acrowools markets this excellent Tarang yarn which has combinations to awaken the artist within.

The pattern…Sunnyside cardigan from Tanis Fibre Arts. She knits, dyes and brings up a lovely kid..all at the same time.

Needles…. Bamboo needles from Ponycraftstore.com

Construction….my first attempt at a top down cardigan has been completed. I shortened the sleeves and the body. On trying it,when the needles came off, I had a really, really long and weird piece! Thank God for having the power to just rip and reduce!

My propensity for large needles and loose knitting has resulted in a cardigan with the propensity to become larger, longer and looser. Reminder to myself—use thinner needles, and spend time making a proper gauge sample. ( it saves time in the long run).

sweater 008

And now, its time to take this autumn cardigan off the rocking chair, wear it,  and stride out for the morning walk with dogs and trash bag!!

  1. This one is really cool! A photo of you wearing it please…

    1. thank you Sarika!! this has reached the wardrobe of a dear friend!

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