spoilt for choice

spoilt for choice

September is the neither-here-nor-there-month of the mountains.

Its not the monsoons, since a week of blue skies and sunny forests has slipped by. Its not winter, but I need a woollen cap, socks and a quilt at night. Today morning began with sun and warmth, moved into grey bleak skies by noon, and now, we have the familiar rhythm of rain drops and water gushing down the slopes.

Its time to store away the ( few) cotton outfits and sandals. The woollens are emerging in phases..the caps and cowls, the sweatshirts, the shawls and throws.  Waiting patiently for their time in the sun–electric blankets, room heaters, thick sweaters and those essential inner warmers.

All over the Northern Hemisphere, knitters are pulling out their knitting needles and yarn stash, finding that favourite knitting spot and the TV series/audio books which will be seen/heard, looking through knitting sites ( ravelry) and magazines for that perfect pattern, and clickety-click–The Knitting Season is here!!

This week, there are three amazing websites which have launched a plethora of knitting patterns to drool over. While two of them have patterns which have to be bought, the free patterns website, Knitty.com, has knocked me down totally.

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Out ofthe 17 patterns published, these two are already on my list..The multicoloured, brioche stitch shoes,  and that oh-so-necessary-vest will be made this season.

I shall stare, swoon and sigh over this amazing double-knitted scarf, but lets be practical, its not going to get a chance to come onto my knitting needles!


And then, my dear readers, if you have a few minutes to spare, join me in drooling over this absolutely lovely collection of patterns from Brooklyn Tweed. The new BT Fall 2016 lookbook is something which should be experienced.

I would love to knit each of those patterns. Given a chance, maybe I would begin with this cabled beauty, Auster ( for her).


Note the cables emerging from the ribbed border, the slight shaping, and the total awesomeness of a sweater, for which I would gladly forsake tropical climes…

And then, there is this online magazine which I visit when I need inspiration, uplifting times or just plain gratification. The Twist Collective Fall 2016 issue needs a quiet hour, a hot cuppa tea, nimble fingers on the keyboard, and a collection of superlatives which get a chance to be breathed out while one looks, reads and gets awed by the amazing, stupendous genius of knitting designers in the world today.

They leave us knitters spoilt for choice in the nicest possible way!

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