Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust

That KAL project drew to a close….

I knitted a smart lemon-grass  I-cord border on the sleeves…

I basted the raglan line of the sleeves, and stitched the sleeve seam…

And then, I tried on the cardigan and looked at the mirror. What stared back at me was all wrong–completely, horribly wrong. The sleeves were like balloons, the front panels looked like jute fabric, and the entire sweater was only till the waist. The only  place where I could wear this creation, was in bed, while reading and while knitting weird sweaters like this one.

Aahna giggled loudly, tried to keep a straight face, failed completely and just laughed and laughed. I had to join her, cos that sweater was just not wearable!

So, what does a passionate knitter do? the only one thing which she can do…frog it and start again. The overall honeycomb pattern had congealed the yarn seriously. If I tried to rip the knitting, make it into hanks, wash and straighten it, make it into balls again, I would have nothing left–no yarn, no inclination to ever knit again, no zing, no joy.


Elizabeth Zimmerman to the rescue. I am frogging one line at a time, and re-knitting a simple, seamless sweater with all measurements and proportions already figured out and written ( with dollops of humour)  by the Grand Lady of Knitting herself. The book, fittingly titled, “Knitting without Tears”, is just what I need..So, no patterns, no flights of fancy, no imaginative creations.

I have begun with a lemongrass line at the base, and we are knitting along, rather happily.

Wish me luck.

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