Never on a Sunday

Never on a Sunday

Sundays are about getting a quiet, slightly dusty house to myself…making 14 to 18 rotis for the dogs…checking out the trees and the forest trails for a couple of hours or more…and then, working myself into a dither while trying to catch up with unfinished tasks. The last habit had a way of souring up a perfectly good day, but old habits remain strong and steadfast through vows and resolutions.

And then,last weekend, Mili trotted off to a pyjama party at Hema’s village home. The big duo, Bruni and Sher Singh, followed the night guard to his village ( a good 45 minutes of steep trekking).
No dogs, no Hema, no knitting, no Internet..and what a lovely day it was! Lazed the entire morning with cuppas of tea and some old newspapers. Watched a good movie on TV. Slept for 3 hours in the afternoon. Did a bit of pleasant knitting. And waited for Monday to appear and Mili to return.

The week whooshed past, but I was in a good, forgiving mood towards the world in general and me in particular.

And then, this weekend, Mili remained with me, but I followed the rhythm of the last Sunday. No Internet, no knitting, no working on the laptop…and what a lovely day it was. Spent two hours with the saplings and trees, served large mugs of tea to the apartment staff, chatted with a friend, watched a good movie and slept through the first monsoon shower.. It was all about recharging my batteries, by taking a break from the beloved routine.

Today, on Monday, I am experiencing the wisdom of taking a break from one’s routine. However much I love this life of knitting, working with women, running with the dogs and so much more, it can be exhausting and tiring in the long run. The unfinished agenda items slip into the day and every day becomes the same..every evening review focuses on what was not done, instead of celebrating the tasks accomplished.

If Hema takes a break from looking after me, if the banks and shops can take a break from serving me, I can do the same too. A day to just be, to rest and sleep and eat when I want to. A few hours of living without a list and an agenda, without looking at the clock, without planning meals and activities.

This suits me!! What else can explain the fact that I have had a satisfying and productive dawn with payments completed, emails written and this blog post published?!

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