Morning musing..

Morning musing..

Exactly a fortnight ago, at around the same time, 5.30 am, my toes were digging into white sand while I surveyed the brown coral heaps surrounding the beach. The turquoise ocean had receded back to the horizon, leaving a few boats stranded on the shore, with their anchors trailing uselessly behind them.

In the distance, a tiny boat floated at the edge of the ocean, and two men alternated their walk to the beach, to load a pile of grey containers onto their boat. It was a well practised routine, the men never breaking their stride as they crossed each other, one picking up a container from the beach pile, the other putting his container into the boat.

The sky was grey and dawn was breaking over that quiet beach at Havelock Island. As I stood there, the grey lightened quickly, and this perfect ball of orange glow emerged from the sea. Quietly and steadily, the ball rose out of the calm sea, pulled in the darkness and glowed into the rising sun. And just then, the two men crossed each other, with the dawn sun glowing between them.

It was magic for a moment. The men continued their work, the sun continued to rise and usher in another day, I continued to walk along the shore.

Today, at around the same time, 5.30 am, my toes were digging into my warm quilt while the dogs snored at my feet. There was a strong breeze ruffling the pine trees and I could almost hear the ocean roar if I closed my eyes. Rain clouds have sauntered in from the Himalayas and there is no sunrise to savour today.

Spring is in the air and the birds have begun their courting and nest building ritual..We humans are waiting for Holi to bid farewell to our winter habits. I can hear my neighbour, a distracted bulbul who has perfected the art of warbling totally random snippets of songs. The barbit, sparrows and mini-vets are hopping around and no one has time to look at me and my tea cup on the balcony.

Its magic again…the beginning of spring and summer. The birds continue their work, the winds continue to give me hope for rain and I continue to walk to the golf course.

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