2017 is turning out to be all about our little Mili. I wake up early, and then wait for her to stir against my shoulder so that we can run out and greet the rose tinged dawn sky. Meal times, play times, ferocious play times, sleeping and snoozing times–that’s what I have been monitoring/indulging/ ensuring, for the past two months and more.

2017 is turning out to be a Brooklyn Tweed year…the second completed project of the year is another lovely pattern from that website. Breckon, a light and lacy cardigan with a rustic look and a smart construction, has now become a part of my wardrobe!

The yarn, Loft by Brooklyn Tweed, had been hauled from the US a few winters ago. My first attempt at knitting this yarn was a complete disaster ( that old story about knitting for myself). The sweater was long and lazy and it would have been a good one for the Mother of Batman, or any woman who required wings to flap all over her world. That sweater waited in a corner for a year, till my disgust and anger subsided. The entire sweater was unravelled, skeined, washed and prepared for this pattern.

Loft is a lightly spun,fine and frail wool.That means it requires a light hand for unravelling, for making balls out of the skeins, for knitting and for binding off. It cannot be used for stitching up the sweater, and it definitely cannot be left anywhere close to a puppy. Mili shredded a ball into little wisps of wool floating in the air like confetti. After that, I have been circumspect about storing this WIP in its thick bag.

The pattern, a combination of lace panels, neatly aligned tiny cables and the granite stitch, was a delight to knit. The pattern instructions were impeccable, and with every project I can appreciate the difference between a free pattern and the rest.

Am already thinking of making another one in a light colour, just to get the pleasure of knitting up this pattern one more time. Ah well, some lucky soul might get one Breckon cardigan as a gift?! Or there may be some orders coming for it, from the wide, wide world?

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