monsoon morning

monsoon morning

It has been raining through the night. The steady rhythm of rain has been drumming a lullaby on the tin-roof of the cow-shed. I can hear the  fretful restlessness of the pregnant buffalo, I can feel the quiet slumber of the goats and their kids too.

In my room, the dogs sleep in their favourite places–Biskit has her pillow next to mine, Pepper prefers the cosy nook between my bent knees.At times, when a stray ray of moonlight emerges from a crack in those grey clouds and catches me awake, the dogs look frozen and eerily still. Its only after I touch their muzzles to feel that quiet breathing, only after feeling that reassuring gentle rise of Pepper’s abundant tummy, can I get back to grateful slumber.


Dawn broke with grey skies and green forests and brown streams rushing over ferns and mushrooms and roads. The soaked field had its own little streams and waterfalls. The few local cars sprayed past me, and the village women splashed and laughed their way home. They trek up 2 kms of slippery, leech infested lanes to bring vegetables and fruits for sale. Heavy sacks are exchanged for a hot cup of tea and pakodas, loud bargaining sessions, and laughter and gossip. The return journey is a happy one, even if one is soaked to the skin.


The cross-country marathon runners continue their training runs. They are like the sunrise…they run every morning and evening, their long legs and lean sinews working in perfect, smooth coordination.


And then come the dogs…right now, the tally is 2+5.


I emerge with Biskit and Pepper, get a joyous welcome from Choti and Kajal, meet the new Barauni and Kalua at the check-post, and finally find Meow-Meow waiting for his morning snack.


There is much fun and frolic all around me, while I lean over the balcony with my morning cuppa…I sip my tea, I drink in the greenery, I sniff the rain and moisture.

Being part of this gorgeous green day is a treat which I can never get tired of.. A treat which I can never stop being grateful for!

  1. All this being true, I still miss our tea and samosa / pakoda sessions in office!

    1. and that is so, so true! surprising how I had missed thinking about them for a long time! those were the days!! Just had pakodas and tea today, at the checkpost, with the dogs..:-)

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