When knitting swings...

When knitting swings...

From one incomplete project to another…from one interesting technique to another great colour combination…from one request to another desire. How do we get to the finish line for even ONE of these projects?


May witnessed the completion of a project which may have never got completed, if it wasn’t for Aahna pushing me on with her crochet hook and willingness to make the borders for each colourful motif. Every evening, she would demand a set of motifs to complete, before we would settle down to watch a good movie from her collection. And then, the endless discussions on the arrangement of those motifs! Exasperating, but effective way to reach the finish line.


Once home became Pepper and me, I started on two projects with enthusiasm and careful planning. Gone are those days of just walking into the stash cupboard, pulling out a yarn and starting a project. Zillion unravellings and ripping of knitted projects have made me respect the philosophy of swatching, measuring, calculating and then proceeding.

Not that all this process can ensure enthusiastic knitting and completion…far from it. Look at me now, oscillating and swinging between this purple lace creation and the long term optical blanket project..


The blanket units are a comfortable knit to start with. But, as the stitches decrease and I have to use DPNs,  unravel the two yarns, try hard to stop the stitches from falling off, I grit my teeth and promise myself, ” No More of This Project”. And I go back to the lace one.


The lace cardigan is another maddeningly complicated affair. The armhole and neck decreases have me foaming at the mouth, and one look at the TV screen results in a stitch falling off, plummeting down a crevice to make a strange pile of confused, chaotic knitting in the middle of the fabric. I have spent more time unravelling and picking up stitches than knitting…

Today morning, while staring at both the challenges and wondering which one to tackle, I tuned into one of my favourite knitting podcasts. This Pom-Pom podcast was all about ways to get back the enthusiasm for an incomplete, (now) boring project.

I have chosen the first option…sharing the issue with  fellow knitters  and getting pushed to the finish line. ( come on, push me !!)

The second option is also being used–I vow not to start any new project till one of these two is completed.

Wish me luck.

  1. Mala, do it. No more befriending guilt regarding this. The blanket is beautiful, finish it please.

    This is me pushing 🙂

    1. thanks Rose…I need that push!! So, I am working on a patch a day, till the need to complete that lace cardigan pokes me hard….these are swinging times alright!

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