Knitting a weave

Knitting a weave

Knitting a weave

The best aspect of knitting, strictly from my point of view, is that I can knit while reading, watching TV or videos, sitting in the passenger seat while our new family driver takes on hill roads at heart stopping speed, partying and chatting….you get the picture.

The other best aspect of knitting, from others point of view, is that I can play with colours and do a whole lot of mixing and blending, to make knitwear which calls out to be worn, or to be taken home!


I usually indulge in color play while designing bedcovers and throws. The log cabin pattern opens up the entire universe, where color combinations, placement of stripes, overall effect etc, are concerned.


Knitting with variegated yarn is good fun too. Ganga offers a wide range of colors and combinations to the hand knitter and yarn user. The knitters use these yarns to make this smart over blouse, which has this amazing skill of looking good on every possible body type. Even here, I have been playing with stripes of contrasting colors and the result is here for you to admire!


Knitting colours with moss-stitch or seed stitch stripes, alternating rows of simple rows with rows of seed stitch, changing colours and adding new combinations…it results in magic!

knittingweave10 knittingweave08

After days of combing colors, ripping out combinations, trying out alternatives, getting the stripes right, monitoring the “feel” of the knitting, reducing the knitter to tears, we finally have the throws which look more woven than knitted.

knittingweave05 knittingweave04

And I am delighted!


  1. What a wonderful sweater. I’m honoured to be modelling this!

    1. I am waiting to see your own sweater worn and clicked and shared!!

  2. is Ganga variegated a good yarn? In terms of colourfastness? I was meaning to crochet a poncho which called for a 4.5mm hook? please advise.

    1. Ganga variegated is good in terms of colour and softness…I have been using only Ganga yarns and buyers marvel at the softness of the finished product. If you are meaning to crochet, do try out a swatch first. Its important that you get a good idea of how the variegated yarn looks when made up…I like to add one row of a contrast or matching yarn, to add some zing and uniqueness to my creations…All the best!

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