January Knitting

January Knitting

Twenty days of this cold month have been spent in futile attempts to escape the sharp nips of Madam Mili, in arranging heaters and hot water bottles to make a warm evening and in knitting essentials and indulgences.

Its hard to be objective about knitting categories…one knitter’s indulgence ( a knitted coat for new puppy) can be another knitters’s essential. Yes, Mili needed a warm coat urgently, and that was done last month.

This month, however, was devoted to knitting an essential indulgence…A warm cardigan for my daughter in the best alpaca yarn possible. Many years ago, I had gone overboard and procured a LOT of alpaca yarn, which has been knitted into cabled vests for uncles, smart gloves and other items. But, the desire to knit something really lovely with that dark blue yarn had been on my mind for a long time.

The pattern, Marylebone, from Brooklyn Tweed, was a pleasure to read and follow. I chose the smallest size, got the right gauge and knitted the cables, the reverse stocking stitch, the shoulder-down sleeves and the pockets. Not a single mistake, not a single issue with the fitting!

Presenting my”perfect-at-the-first-shot” cardigan for the world to see.

I am realising slowly that the ripping jinx applies only to sweaters knit for myself! Maybe, I need to bring down my ambitious ideas of “Awesome Sweaters for Mala” a wee bit!

Till I begin the next sweater project, I am cruising along with the New Year resolution of adding one square every weekend to this blanket ( the pattern is here, if you want to try making something similar). At this rate, its going to take me two years..since a minimum 70 squares need to be knitted here.

And last evening, taking a page from Drop Dead Easy Knits, and taking a short-cut of my own, I am surely going to complete this cap tonight. Nothing like a good quick knit to make me start living life again!

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  1. Hello
    All the knitting patterns are good and eye catching too. The sweater, the bog’s warn cloth as well as the blanket.
    Great job done and thanks for sharing.

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