the first googly of the week

the first googly of the week

Current resolution update for Day # 4…Alarm beeped at 4.45 am, smashed at 4.46 am, tightly shut eyes emerged from warm quilt and decided that 5 mins bonus is a given for a cold autumn day.  Arm emerges and checks clock at 4.50 am, and a few more minutes of snooze were added. snores and sniffles later, arm emerges and checks clock at 5 am. one more minute of shut-eye and peep at wrist watch–it was 6.45 AM. The little clock had died at 5 am and sleepy me had lost 2 good hours of the morning!  honestly, do clock batteries have to die when they are most needed?! and today, when good intentions were brimming up to the surface?!

Consider these random facts of the last evening…

  • 1 long muffler in shades of saffron, 2 pairs of large socks in shades of saffron are winging their way to Moscow. They are keeping a sedate Swamiji warm through his Soviet spirituality sojourn.
  • 3 pairs of small beige socks are on their way to Botswana, for a keen trekker with tiny feet.
  • 2 long mufflers are moving  to London for a spirited author who has finally married her long time Jamaican boyfriend.
  • 4 pairs of zany, bright socks are travelling to Gauhati..presents for the 35th wedding anniversary of adored parents.


From this tiny little hill town, warmth and color and love radiate to distant people and distant lands. A small venture was started just to keep idle fingers and mind out of mischief, to get some income for a few  hill women and to make things which I would love to wear or gift to loved ones.

Quietly, gradually and amazingly, these knitted things go out in the world….to places I may never go….to people I will never meet…on occasions which will not be a part of my life. Someone will wear those socks on the other side of the planet. The mufflers will be stuffed into coats and go to work, when I will be sleeping soundly at home.

And then, for the umpteenth time, I understand and savor the message shared at the end of one of my favorite movies…one can reach the furthest points of the earth from any cross-road, any village, any town. Its just a matter of taking one step at a time, of going as far as the headlights take you, one mile at a time.

  1. All that is fantastic (and more power to your venture!), but why do you need to get up at 4.45 am on a cold day? As complete mistress of your time, you should be looking for a swimming pool to throw your time piece in 🙂

    1. ha ha ha….that is a good suggestion!! finding a swimming pool is not so easy, getting rid of that little clock is not at all easy…that brat came into our home when the kids were in Class 2 and 1, and has been slammed every morning, since those days.
      Getting up at 4.45 am….well, that’s cos there is no time like early morning to get the thoughts to march out of my mind in neat formations, to get my fingers to put the thoughts into clear sentences and that feeling of having accomplished something before the first cuppa tea!!! priceless!!
      the resolve strengthens!!

  2. Wow……………admire your resolve. The way you’re going, maybe we should ask Man Booker to book one for you say 3 years from now?

    Keep at it lady…………I’m loving your literary journey with Ranikhet as your test kitchen!

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