Finished projects-- Tuesday

Finished projects-- Tuesday

The last two days have been dedicated to finishing the bits and ends of some knitting project.

Today was also dedicated to an annual project which is becoming more dear to me with every passing year. Details are at the end of this post.


This afternoon, Nature was inspired by my zeal for finishing projects…so She took up her annual forest fire project to finish all the dry shrubs of winter, the pine needles of summer and the exuberant undergrowth of this month. Ably supported by the hot sun and the strong wind, it has been a successful day for Her. We now have charred slopes and smoldering trees to gaze at and wait for the monsoons to green up the world.


Green has been dancing all over my mind …ever since this baby blanket looked too narrow and incomplete for a much awaited grandchild. It needed breadth and depth and garter knitting didn’t disappoint me.. After picking up the stitches from the edge ( I had to miss every fifth stitch  to get a neat border) and knitting garter rows with eyelets, I worked a lace edging which made me swear under my breath for the entire day.


This finished project, though, had me holding my breath in wonder!


At the same time, a ripple baby blanket came off the needles. This just needed a small I-cord all around the edge to complete it! I love the way the colors are complementing each other and that this blanket can cover the chubbiest cherub in the world.


Two baby sets have been completed too. The red jacket is my favorite. A classic Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern named “ The Modular Jacket”, its all about working in multiples of 7 and producing a timeless piece of work. This is my 3rd jacket and I have a feeling that it will be 30 jackets soon!


The yellow cabled cardigan had been shared at… its turned out to be a smart and spiffy sweater and I am pleased with the final result, though there were times when I could have happily torn into little, little shreds and put it on fire! That bonnet brought out every negative emotion in my being J


The positive emotions came pouring out while baking this chocolate cake for Hema’s son. Ever since Hema has begun working at home, I bake the family chocolate cake for him as a birthday present.  The entire village loves it and Hema’s social standing has climbed a few notches, all thanks to this cake. This year, I am baking two big chocolate cakes for him—the number of friends has multiplied after he has joined school. It has been a joyous evening of measuring, sifting, beating and stirring. I have missed the girls acutely today—they love licking the cake mixing bowl while the oven bakes up the brown, moist and delicious cake.


Four complete knitting projects and one complete culinary project for this Tuesday…and all this after a few hours of focused fire-fighting and water dousing! I call this a good, satisfying and productive day.

  1. Mala aunty, is this the famous chocolate cake? If yes, please share the recipe!

  2. The blue-green baby blanket and the red hoodie jacket look superb. What is happening to these knits after you’re done?

    1. these have been knit for a customer..she is about to become a doting granny, so preperations are afoot. I am keen to take on orders for more baby blankets..they look so lovely, dont they?

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