Weekend Quicky!!

Weekend Quicky!!

These days, I am knitting my way through a baby blanket. I love knitting baby blankets. Actually, I love planning to knit baby blankets. The empty canvas of a 28 inch square piece of knitting calls out for an exquisite central pattern and some lacy edging —all part of making a possible heirloom piece. I love the process, really love it!

Once the planning is done and the stitches cast on and the knitting begun, a baby blanket can quickly descend into gloom, boredom and “oh-when-will-I-finish-this-central-#@*%@-piece”  muttering sessions.  I hate that boredom and monotony, really hate it!

So here am I, on this balmy Friday evening—a good Italian lunch under my belt— long doggy walk under my feet—idle TV remote under my fingers—and that lovely #@*%@ piece on my lap. Sunset splendor had ceased and there was this long evening staring at me.  This was a Friday evening which had the potential to bring in the blues.

And so, I brought in the blues. No, no blue moods…just a  soft and sensuous ball of blue yarn tucked in a corner of my yarn cupboard. I wanted a blue hat, to wear with my blue jeans. Since I wear jeans all the time, it was a hat which I would be wearing all the time. I wanted a smart, unusual, quick-knit pattern for the hat, which should be shorter than this long, dreary evening.


Logged onto the “Mecca of craft patterns”, www.ravelry.com, and found what I was looking for. Out came the right circular needles, laptop positioned close to my rocking chair, stitches cast on,  movie selected from  the collection (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pianist_(2002_film) and  the project took off.  I watched the elegant and artistic fingers handling the piano, while my energetic and (slightly) arthritic fingers handled the project, till it was bedtime.

quicky 02

Saturday morning, after walk and breakfast, it was time to return to the quickie project. Sat on the swing and knitted away till the last line of the project was done.  No stitching, no finishing, nothing after the last line was completed. It was 10 am, and I had this lovely, completed project for my wearing pleasure!!

quicky 03

So here it is…a soft blue hat which fits me perfectly, gives me a great feeling of satisfaction at having completed a project ( it means a lot, when one is surrounded by UFOs at every corner), and makes the weekend look brilliant and full of promise.

quicky 05

Here are the details of my lovely quicky project !! Highly recommended for any knitter, beginner or expert, to try out for some good, wholesome satisfaction laced with compliments and feel- good moments.

Project – Dean Street Hat

Download pattern from — http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dean-street-hat

Yarn –Vardhman Naram Garam yarn

Needles—16 inch circular 4.0 mm needles

Time—3 hours (slow knitting with movie viewing)+3 hours(rapid, attentive knitting)…and then, some good cuddling times with Pepper.

quicky 06


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