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The heat and dust and rains are moving to the sidelines, and winter is gearing up to take over the Northern Hemisphere.  It will be time to celebrate the harvest, the arrival of Gods and Goddesses, Thanksgiving and The New Year. It will also be the time for gifting presents to our loved ones. And so, my dear readers, It’s the time to display my knitting wares, before the great festive season is on us.


After months of pushing (others) and pulling back (me), a little online store will be opening in this space shortly. This time, the strong push has come from my daughters.  Persistent phone calls, questioning gtalk messages,  nagging emails—I have got them all. I would have dragged my feet for another year or two, but I find that the final touches are being put, the right pictures are being selected, and the relevant email id,  has been born.


I have stared back at the doubting eyes embedded in the disbelieving hulks of pessimism, doubt and criticism—monsters who have been ensconced in my mind for ever. They emerge whenever I think of a new venture, and then proceed to do what they are best at—tear down the vulnerable fabric of plans and dreams with “you cant do that/what will people say/are you sure this is feasible?!”..and lots more in that vein.  This, combined with the inherent lazy streak which threads through every cell in my body, has been enough to keep me in a safe, non-productive (and therefore, unfulfilling) state of life.

And so, may I present a sneak preview on what we can make for you this season?

Let me begin with the the long scarves which were the first items for sale!

black and white


These can be ordered in shades of blues, greens, reds and oranges, browns and the classic shades of grey and black.


The socks, of course, come to you with patterns or stripes . Plain socks too, would be available.


These beautiful throws take time to create, and we will need 4 weeks to get an order ready for dispatch.

ananda 030 rainingdogs04

And finally, my favorite items—baby clothes!


Any questions or queries?! contact me via the comments channel…contact me on the website…or send me an email at

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