January jumble

January jumble

Six magenta and white  puppies landed on my doorstep this Jan.


They were made of 100% acrylic, american yarn and weighed a pound each. Bulky, soft, exciting yarn balls which just stay quietly on the rug while I knit them into this..


I am still knitting this, and I am going to be still knitting this through the sunny days and cold  nights of Jan.  An Indo-american distant relative hauled these 8 pounds of yarn across the oceans and handed them over to me. She wants a unique, LARGE throw to be completed in time for the wedding of her son. The son is large and tall, and the throw needs to cover the snuggling and cuddling couple.

Initial plans had been about artfully arranged garter stitch stripes. Little squares which would whirl around each other and grow into a large 6 x8 feet blanket. I completed one square , but the thought of knitting boring little garter squares for an entire month was reason enough to give up the entire project. To keep my sanity intact, I needed to add some spice and pizzaz to the entire plan.


Out came the Barbara Walker books and mosaic stitch patterns were perused for inspiration. I chose a favorite pattern to incorporate into the garter squares, and was rather pleased with the result. In walked a friend who only had one question to ask, ” Are you sure he is not getting married to a Jewish girl?  These swastikas may not be the best thing for her eyes!” She was right. The swastika connection could not be allowed to populate a politically correct wedding present!

The squares became tedious by the time four of them were completed.I had to bring some magic and quirkiness back into the project. It was time to let creative confusion to take over!


Now, there are lines of marching motifs, swathes of garter stripes, patches of Moorish tiles..all emerging from my knitting needles, all with a mind of their own, all looking wonderful and wow.


Here is the one little thing which keeps this creation going/growing! A tiny chart scribbled on some graph paper, and this magnetic folding bookmark. Gifted years ago, by some kind soul, I have been ready to rubbish this piece of flowered paper many a time. Its only with this project, that I have realized how a little piece of smart thinking can prevent angry, demented frustration which missed pattern lines can evoke!

I continue to knit and I continue to wonder at the evolving throw. It has a mind of its own and I am just following the instructions of my heart and eyes. Its still a masterpiece in progress, but I have a feeling that this one is going to be a good one!

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