A few new things...

A few new things...

Of course, its a new day today and there will be some new cloud formations, some adventurous mists climbing the mountain slopes, and all the surprises which the monsoons bring.


But today, its about having a daughter at home, of having two delirious doggies checking out the guest room to confirm their Didi’s slumbering presence. Pepper has to guard her from the evil mother (me) who would wake her up with hot ginger tea and some two million questions! I have decided to take up Option B and write here, instead of peeping into the room, every ten minutes.


The new things will have to start with the new routine of the knitters. We now gather at home and while Hema plies us with hot tea, the knitting happens with Gaana.com in the background, doggies in the foreground and wool all around. The new routine signals the beginning of the new venture….the online store with the new range of knitwears and home furnishings.


The first new item which came off the needles….slip stitch cushion covers! I am trying out different colour combinations and patterns, so that customers can order a set of covers in their specific colours. Orange and rust reign supreme in this home, but indigo blue and olive green are going to appear on the scene shortly.


A bedspread has been completed. I just had to spread it out and savour it before it leaves us for its actual home, set amidst pine trees, rose and hydrangea bushes, with the mighty Himalayas peeping in from the bay windows.

And then, this new , absolutely amazing new steel machine which has come into my life!!


Right now, I am in the midst of awestruck wonder….inside “how-to”s and “help” and introductory slide-shows..

Right now, I am up in the air, in seventh heaven….right now, this is all that I can write!


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