3 stripes? 4 stripes?

3 stripes? 4 stripes?

It would be no stripes, no sweater, no knitting, no nothing, if Lady Luchi had her way!

The house looks like a battlefield deserted by an army of fleeing knitters. Yarn balls have become heaps of tangled wool, tape measures and scissors have teeth marks and dented corners and I have become an excellent Knitting Saver instead of being a Knitter.


10 days of our little darling and I have chewed up slippers, torn jeans, scratch marks and little bites on my nose. The house has newspapers and squeaky toys all over the floor. Pepper has some rollicking times and some growling times, but no peaceful snoring times.

And I only have this little sweater to show for my knitting. Luchi has grabbed out chunks of wool, scampered under the bed with the knitting, munched on the knitting needles and pressed random keys on the laptop which would make the pattern vanish.


The pattern is a beautifully written one. It has been my first experience of knitting a top down pullover, and I might just make another one soon. The neckline and the shoulders are completed first, and then its a lot of plain and placid knitting to reach the hemline.


I drafted the name and the year ( 2016) into the folded hem..in my excitement, the name will be seen properly by the wearer of the sweater…he doesn’t know his alphabets yet, but his mother will keep the sweater to show him, maybe when he’s much older and can read a lot more than his name!

Today morning…a grey, cool and watery morning, I went to visit the young man. With curls to die for, a cherubic face and the brightest eyes and smile one could see in our little hamlet, he was trying to find a way to throw his granny’s favourite Ganesha statue into the garden. The little chap has got the genes of his father’s tall family alright!! I have this dreadful feeling that I have not finished with that sweater yet..it will need 10 rows of stocking stitch, to give a decent fit.


Tomorrow, after I spend a quiet evening with my little Luchi ( she’s got her first vaccination today), I shall attend a  lunch party, find the sweet young thing who happens to be the young man’s mother, and ask her “how much longer do you want the pullover to be?”

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