Woollen Handknitted Baby Set With Jacket, Cap and Booties

The Smart BSJ set...


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This legendary pattern, considered to be “a very entertaining piece of knitted engineering” by knitters worldwide, is a complete break from traditional baby sets. A tricky piece to decipher and knit, this baby set will definitely mystify any knitters who hover around the smart little infant model.

The clean minimalistic lines, and the comfortable fit of this chic baby set will fetch the wearer many an admiring compliment. Made in hypo-allergic, easy-to-maintain and soft yarn, this set will be loved for many months. With a smart bonnet and some dinky booties, this baby set is special.I have baby customers who would insist on wearing their jacket till their second birthday!

There can be as many colour combinations as one can think of, so please do not be restricted by the set shown here. We have created baby sets with the favourite colours of each family member added to the stripes/monochromatic stripes/shades of a single colour. Any combination can be ordered, as long as you are willing to wait for 3 weeks.

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Weight200 g
The Smart BSJ set...Neon Lights

unique pattern, baby jacket, bonnet and booties, neon shades and white, easy to maintain, comfortable and smart, order personal combination


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Shipping Information

Shipping all over India Free of charge. Overseas orders will be shipped after receiving payment for product and shipping costs. Address details to be sent by email.


Washing Instruction

hand wash in wool-wash detergent. Dry in shade after removing extra moisture by towelling, or spin-dry for 2 minutes

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