What do I knit

What do I knit

FAQ #1. What do I knit while sitting in this little hamlet, staring at the pine trees (and my favorite TV serials), listening to bird-song and online music, and living a semi-rural life? Friends—new and old, visitors –young and senile, onlookers at the golf course—bored and bright-eyed …..every conversation leads to this question. I would have asked the same question too, if I met someone who crafts, but doesn’t seem to be marketing or setting up shop. After all, how much can one knit for family and friends?whatdoiknit1Though knitted stuff comes with this inherent capacity to be loved or detested, I am glad to find that my knitted presents are still plopping smoothly into the former slot…. till now!

So then, what do I knit? And crochet? Do I take up projects designed to interest and intrigue me with nuances hitherto unknown? Do I knit up simple winter-wear and gifts for friends and family? Do I just grab my needles and yarn and plunge into whatever new has emerged from Pinterest or my favorite blogs? The answer is probably somewhere in between all these options.whatdoiknit2

If I had my way, I would only knit LARGE, magnificent, intricate and beautiful knits…Big throws, intricately cabled sweaters, breathtaking lace shawls.  I launch myself into these large projects with gusto and good intentions, but they have a way of sputtering and halting way before the finish line.


Here are some of the lucky ones which sprinted to the end. The unlucky ones, relegated to the dark despairing pile of WIPs, will bide their time to emerge in all their colorful, complete glory.


An ongoing large project is a constant feature in my crafting landscape. These days, its this knitted throw.

Sweater knitting, with cables, color combinations are construction puzzles, are the ultimate high. whatdoIknit8 whatdoIknit10Last winter found 3 new creations in my wardrobe. I am inordinately proud of them, especially the unraveling and the untiring attempts to make a perfect piece.whatdoIknit6

It feels good to wear a nicely knitted and neatly finished sweater over my faded jeans and familiar shirts.


For some frequent gratification and joy, I pick up small projects which can be knitted in the car/ while watching TV/ catching up with friends/ reading… These days, its baby dresses for some little souls who are about to enter the world.


Hats, socks and cowls emerge from my knitting needles often. I love knitting hats. They encourage me to try out every technique, every pattern and every color combination in a small project… are quick to complete and make good presents.


Socks have the potential to morph into prayer wheels. Circular sock patterns on 5 needles kept me on my toes and then finally warmed those same toes through the long, cold Ranikhet winter.These socks were made from the softest, smoothest silkiest sock yarn sent over the seven seas by my sweet sister ( try repeating this sentence fast—Betty Botta bought a bit of butter….). I still have a couple of skeins in my stash. Now, I just need to put the finishing touches to the master-plan-to-acquire-amazing sock yarn presents-from-unsuspecting-friends.


Different, desirable socks are emerging from the hamlet too…but that is another story for another post! Watch this space!

  1. Wow! You are looking absolutely smashing in the smart and sporty sweater 🙂 . And all the gorgeous knitwear products… You simply rock didi and inspire all the time!!

    1. thanks thanks thanks…..so glad that you find the time to drop in and see my ramblings!!.

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