From castaways to cushions

From castaways to cushions

Knitting is all about sampling…when a batch of lovely yarn comes home, there is this period of “ knit or crochet? what pattern? which needles? who gets the stuff….and finally, will it be knit or stuffed?”.  While the knitter casts on and casts off, the sample pieces are cast away in the general direction of obscure storage corners.

After a while, there is quite a collection of these castaways…there is no specific size, no coordination of color and no desire to throw them into the rubbish heap. Read on to know what one can do with them.

You can find a set of matching pieces, trim the loose yarn hanging around the edges, and plonk them in the kitchen.  These pot holders are great for maintaining a distant relationship between burns and fingers.

Needle holders, Crochet hook pads and pin cushions are possibilities for injury prone knitters like me. I have been pierced, poked and prodded a million times by roaming pins and needles. These days, they just remain stuffed and stationary and stare at me as I glide past.


Larger/longer pieces ( crochet learning pieces have this tendency to become long pieces of varying width), are meant for turning into little pouches to keep all those cords under control. The red one is for the mobile charger, the purple one holds the tablet charger, and there is another one for the laptop charger—if only I could find it!

This year, faded handloom cushion covers are getting a new look.


Lovingly crafted, neatly finished and ferociously guarded samples have been stitched onto fading covers. I have got a bright, warm and unique set of cushion covers for this sunny room, the covers will continue to be utilized and my heap of castaways is slowly fading away.


Now, to stitch up all the remaining pieces and make doggie coats for the winter..a far cry from these cabled creations, but dogs just need to stay warm…watch this space for their new coats!


  1. Dear Mala Ma’am,
    What a delightful collection of upcycled treasures 🙂
    And I loved the cabled doggie coats too…. how fetching they look in them!
    It would be great to make a patchwork throw or caftan with all the odd bits…. very boho chic 😉

    1. thank you Parul…at the risk of getting buried under a pile of little patches and samples, I have had to find ways to put that pile to use. Now, I am considering making a coat for K-lo. she will need it for the cold winter nights! its only the interminable sewing which puts me off.:-(

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