Wisps of winter

Wisps of winter

The monsoon clouds refused to go away, the clear-blue winter skies and that bright sun …nope, they refused to come out too. The mountains remained shrouded in their misty veils and every morning was foggy and misty.


The unravelling and knitting of the last disaster continued, in fits and bursts and snips and soft curses. Any thoughts of giving up the project get pushed away by that image of that peculiar balloon cardigan on me, and the daughter roaring and rolling in the background. The sleeves and body were joined and the sage advice of my readers to add some lime-green was noted.

Four rows of a simple FairIsle pattern…four rounds of decreasing the EZ way….four rows of 2×2 rib edging…and viola! I present the completed sweater which I am going to live in this winter.


The remnants of this yarn were knitted up into my first-ever-slouchy cap. A lovely free pattern of garter in the round, and I have the completed cap which I am going to sleep in this winter.


And here are the mountains, which emerged into clear blue skies, on the day I completed the sweater. Finally, I have to share this completely perfect picture which I am going to see through  this winter!


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