Photography is all about the details

Photography is all about the details

With smartphones and smarter cameras, its amazing how one can effortlessly click good pictures of finished articles, and upload them for sale. The colours, texture, drape and size can be photographed  exquisitely and efficiently these days, that it can seem like child’s play, till one tries to actually click the colours, textures, drape and size.

The last 4 years have taught me many  facts about photography, especially after I managed to take some good shots with the lovely DSR camera gifted by my ever-supportive daughters. Getting this dream camera, and using the smart software on my laptop, I could accentuate, crop, highlight and change the entire appearance of a sweater to make it look delectable….in theory! 

When taking pictures of the products, I have realised that a clean, uncluttered background has to be found.

I tried clicking pictures of cowls and mufflers with the forest in the background… but the lush green foliage was too distracting. I live in a home which has not a single empty wall!

I tried placing dogs and/or cute kids placed beside/over/under the articles…but they have been distractions pampering to the whimsical side of my mind. Products need to be modelled appropriately for the right effect.

The right light, which does not bounce/reflect/glimmer, needs to be chased…but we have cloudy days and short wintery days most of the time.

This year, photography is getting some long overdue love and attention

This year, I am getting a wall painted  a clear shade of cream. Sunlight streams in from the side, so pictures can be taken in natural light.

A mannequin shall come home and I will not have to fret over the expression or attire of the model.

A white box? yes, that can happen too…

Watch this space!

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