Our Fur Babies and Leafy Children

There were shady nooks of forests, with whispering pines and squat oaks and bright rhodendrons, covering the hill slopes and almost engulfing the narrow lane which was the road. Noisy birds indulged in courtship madness, nesting frenzy and doing the “flying solo” act with fat, chirping babies. I have seen clouds of yellow and orange butterflies waft past a newspaper reading me, I have watched flocks of parrots chatter and natter, while eating oak acorns and sending down a shower of treats to the cows waiting patiently below the trees.

Now, in just a decade, the shady nooks are covered with shiny, empty packs of Kurkure and chips. Water bottles, playing cards, plastic trays and glasses are seen more than those wild flowers which I loved. There are noisy labour parties, digging up the roads for yet another project which needs cables and pipes to puncture the asphalt surface. Clouds of exhaust smoke waft past, and flocks of trucks and tourists chatter and honk, while throwing packets out of the window. And then, there are those locked up cottages, waiting patiently for their dwellers to tear themselves from their city madness and come for some quiet days.

Human beings have taken out so much from Mother Earth and Nature…and so little has been given back.

Instead of just writing pages of nostalgia, the desire to do something more is taken forward. We do our bit by planting trees the appropriate way. We do our bit for the fur balls which roll into our lives.


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  1. Very well writen, accurate and painful. Painful because its accurate. – Anando


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