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A few weeks ago, this email drops into my inbox. Someone wanted to know more about the work I do, someone wanted to make a movie clip, and so on and so forth. Don’t get me wrong–Its not that I am flooded with fan mail, or that there is a long line of producers lining […]

finding a cousin

April 22nd, 2017 by

Emails and phone calls had happened a month earlier. While the summer furnace burnt up the plains, I was busy with the departure of my daughter from the cool hills. Just after her departure, my guest arrived. She came alone, accompanied by my friend who was fortuitously returning to Ranikhet by the same train. The […]

It will be a week tomorrow.  A week of the dogs and me getting accustomed to our own company and a timetable which suits my reluctance for long walks, Peppu’s desire for stone games and Mili’s habit of digging up holes and caves into the hillside. Last week, the morning had found me pushing my […]

The Final Journey

March 26th, 2017 by

Thursday afternoon was all about mellow sunshine and blue skies and red leaves on chestnut trees. Hema had served some of the last “lesu” rotis of the winter season , given the dogs their farewell cuddles and returned to her life. The phone came alive. The 92 year old father of a dear friend was not […]

The Grief Gratitude Salad

September 4th, 2016 by

Four mornings have gone past…The grey dawn light has missed that tiny golden bundle of Luchi curled up on my pillow. It also missed watching me wake up and run out for the morning walk. Instead, it would see a gently snoring mass of black curls beside a gently snoring heap of me. Sleep comes […]

There is a train named Ranikhet Express. There are no train tracks to Ranikhet. Travellers alight at Kathgodam, a quaint , well manicured, pretty station with one platform, two tea-stalls, a magazine stall and an Amul outlet.  When the Ranikhet Express slides in at 4.30 am, there is an eerie breeze checking out the passengers, […]

This is a long post which has meandered in my mind for the past 6 weeks. I have pinned it down today, after the first winter shower last evening and after Biskit gave me an entire night of sleep. So settle down with a cuppa tea and come with me to a different mountain top. […]

A smartphone with two SIM cards, and four apps–I wouldn’t call myself a “smartphone smartie ” or ” Whatsap watcher” . A Net connection with a router which is never switched off, the lightest laptop which powers on immediately, and spider-solitaire on the desktop–I wouldn’t paste that label of “Net junkie” on me. No, no…I […]

the perfect selfie

August 31st, 2015 by

The past decade has found me looking at pictures taken by different photographers, in different places and in different attire…and thinking that the person in the pictures is different from me. I look at that lop-sided smile, the grooves and crevices on the right cheek and nose, the unruly grey locks and it mystifies me–how […]

Swati Dasgupta, a young friend of mine from the Oman days, writes her heart out in her journalism career. Success at work and a lovely family notwithstanding, Swati has been searching for avenues which give her the fulfillment of contributing and supporting a cause close to her heart. We have been in touch over the […]