dr mala skrikanth

Thank you for visiting this chronicle of a life lived with “change” as the one constant through various decisions of living and working.
Moving from medicine to administration to knitting and writing….
Shifting from the city to small towns, to desert villages in Oman, to camps and cantonments to finally setting up home in this tiny hill town of Ranikhet…
Choosing to leave family and friends and find new acquaintances, search out soul-mates and get involved in slowly evolving relationships…

These are just a few of the changes which have been absorbed in this phase of life. The past 5 years have been a long experience in learning to live with less of material things and more of surreal memories,accepting the life-style of the hill folks but not accepting poor quality knitting, enjoying quiet and simple days and revelling in the constantly improving work the knitters produce as well as their growing pride in their work.

I moved out of the healthcare arena and started working with a group of knitters who had no idea of how there could be a happy, independent, single woman with no future agenda….it has been a steep learning curve for them as well as me.
Starting with the idea of perfect knitting, they have learnt the art of ruthless ripping, the science of following lace charts, the philosophy of taking responsibility for their work. In the entire process of walking my talk, I have become a good knitter myself, though some disastrous end-products still happen.

Besides the mountains, the knitting and the good folks around me, a large part of my heart is devoted to dogs. I seem to have a quota inscribed in my fate-line—two dogs at home, and about 4 to 8 dogs following me around during walks, sun sessions and life. Dogs complete me, and when they leave me, they take a little bit of my heart with them. They teach me to accept the rules of Life, to live in the moment and enjoy it totally, to be fiercely independent and totally loyal.

Now, in the most organic way possible, our tiny shop of “Exquisite, Exclusive ( and Expensive)” knitted products is being launched. With a small range of house warmers ( throws and cushion covers) and body warmers , I invite you to browse through the entire gallery of well-made and unique knitting.

Every piece which you buy, gives a boost to the dying art of perfect hand-knitting.

Every parcel which goes out to the world, contains the energy and enthusiasm of a knitter who puts quality before quantity.

I hope you enjoy your time with our world of living simply, knitting perfectly and taking pleasure in each day.

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